Making a Fur Garment

The making of a beautiful fur garment is a complicated process.  Shown here are the major steps.

A custom design begins with a pattern, made according to the desires and the measurements of the customer.

pattern.jpg (14165 bytes)

matching.gif (49583 bytes)

Color and luster of the furs are matched and correct number of pelts per pattern is calculated.

The fur is sliced on the leather side (approximately 125 slices per skin) and skins are resewn in order to gain length. This method is called letting out.

sewing.jpg (15115 bytes)

tacking.jpg (10833 bytes)

When sewing is complete, the skins are joined back together, the garment is soaked in water, then nailed to and stretched on a board to match the form and design of the pattern .

Once the coat has dried properly, marking of the pattern takes place. Imperfections are removed and steamed to fluff the fur, then closed with the sleeves, collar and rest of the body.

marking.jpg (11695 bytes)


finisher.gif (55550 bytes)

Finally, the finisher puts together all inner facings, closures, and lining with monogram to finish another beautiful garment.


Once a garment is made, it does require some maintenance to keep it beautiful for a long time:

Storage:  During the summer months, a fur must be stored in a refrigerated vault to protect it from heat, light and moth damage.

Cleaning and Glazing:  Once every two years, a fur must be cleaned and treated to assure it's long-lasting beauty.

Repairing and Restyling:  As long as the fur is healthy, it can be repaired, reworked and even restyled into anything you can dream of.

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