Frequently Asked Questions


Do you buy used furs?
No we do not buy used furs, however, check with a local consignment shop.

Do you clean fur coats?
Yes, we offer a full cleaning and glazing service. Give us a call to check current pricing.
Do you restyle fur coats?
Yes, please give us a call at 860.229.2078 and speak with Harry.
Do you deliver?
Yes, we make deliveries twice a year; once in the Spring to pick up for cold storage and in the Fall to drop off garments for winter wear.
Can I pick up my coat?
Give us a call and we will pull your coat from our vaults before you arrive.
Do you clean leather, suede and shearlings?
Yes, we do. Give us a call to check current pricing.
Do you store fur coats?
Yes, we have cool storage vaults on the premise.
Do you repair fur coats and jackets?
Yes we do. Bring your item in and we will give you an estimate.









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