Tips for Caring for Fur Garments

We stress these tips to preserve the longevity of your investment!

It is recommended that fur garments be cleaned and glazed every other year to preserve the skins.
Dirt and pollutants will be removed during the cleaning process. Leather side will be revitalized having necessary oils added.

When your garment gets wet from rain or snow, simply shake and hang in well ventilated room.
Avoiding direct heat source, as it will damage the fur.

Always carry your garment fur out, this will prevent lining from getting wet and water stained.

Keep your fur garment away from harmful effects of heat and humidity.

Fur needs to breathe let it hang loosely on a broad shoulder hanger.
DO NOT store in a plastic bag or any other type of covering.

If you get a rip or see an opening on your fur garment, get it repaired ASAP to prevent a more expensive repair.

When on a long car ride remove your fur garment; on a short ride leave fur unbuttoned.

Do not rub or pat your fur with the oily palm of your hand.

Avoid spraying perfume or hair spray when you have your fur on. Do not brush or comb fur.

Do not sit on heated vehicle seats with your fur to avoid heat damage.